Sassy's 10-Year Period of Mourning

Who can spare more than 3000 words ruminating on a magazine, other than Spy, that died over 10 years ago? Why, Mediabistro, of course! Don't get us wrong: We lurved the now-defunct Sassy, the pages of which made a mini-legend of editor Jane Pratt and were later reincarnated in the shape of Jane. But 3000 words on Sassy, Jane, and the meaning of life as dictated by irreverent women's magazines strikes us as just a wee bit overindulgent.

To be fair, the piece still gives a thoughtful look at why Sassy and Pratt were/are so important to those of us who use Cosmopolitan for litterbox liner. It just could've used an editor. Maybe the 'bistro can find one on or something?

There Goes My Hero — Finally [mediabistro]