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• Naomi Campbell pitches a fit at the tents and, just like that, saves Fashion Week from utter irrelevancy. [R&M]
• When he's not too busy being fake gay with pals from Queer Eye, stereotypical celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito is allegedly "grabby and stalkerish" with the ladies. [Page Six]
• Lloyd Grove honestly expects you to care that the Olsen twins' bodyguard, Foster Zeh, was once involved in some insurance fraud mess. As long as he keeps our little rat girls safe, we don't care what he's done in the past. He's a hero in the here and now, as far as we're concerned. [Lowdown]
• Yellow Fever designer Jamison Ernest likes to give his single lady friends a present they truly need: a Rabbit vibrator. Is a pity dildo better or worse than a pity fuck? [Page Six]
• Britney's baby boy has the initials PMS. Do with this information what you will. [NYDN]
• Apple Paltrow, whose mother Gwyneth won't let her near instant soup, is a big fan of Jay-Z. The precocious tot actually knows all the words to 99 Problems. [Scoop]