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Our V-chip has long been set to filter anything featuring Jay Leno, but a reader's television defenses prove far less formidable, allowing her to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin suspiciously twitchy turn during last night's visit to The Tonight Show and file this report:

I started counting the number of times Jeff Garlin of Curb Your Enthusiasm picked his nose after he went for Round 4 after 2 minutes with Jay:

# of thumb and index finger picks/adjustments: 14

Then there was the dry mouth symptoms - lots of licking:

# of tongue-to-teeth-and-over-lips: at least 15

Funny, he doesn't look like the usual Hollywood coke whore.

Curious behavior, indeed, but as understandable as it would be to use drugs to get through five minutes with Jay Leno, we'd never accuse anyone of tooting their way through a segment. Garlin was probably just a little nervous having to live up to the level of relentless hilarity set by Jaywalkin'. Besides, now we all know exactly what a coke whore looks like, and he doesn't quite fit the profile.