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Writing an online diary for about his involvement with the movie Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party, cinematographer Robert Brinkmann, the now-estranged husband of Mena Suvari, recounts how sensitively the wonderflacks of PMK handled the disintegration of his marriage:

What I will not go into detail about are the events in my personal life, since they have been made quite public already. I do want to say, though, that I have now experienced the other end of the publicists' universe. After working with our wonderful publicist on STBP for the past 9 months, I experienced just how unpleasant a bad publicist can be. Less than two weeks after I found out for the first time that my wife of 5 years was leaving, her eager publicists at PMK put out a press release to that effect. Apparently, the option of not commenting is entirely foreign to them, as they told her this "had to be done." Having this news released led to all of my friends and family finding out about it from the press instead of me. And if that wasn't enough, to make things even less pleasant, some genius at the PMK office failed to realize that when Mena moved out of the house, her fax number might have changed as well, so they kept sending me stacks of faxes of all the tabloid coverage of the beach vacation she went on with her Pilates instructor/boyfriend.

Oh, those faxes were no mistake. When Pat Kingsley's PMK goons set out to ruin your life, they don't stop until the job's completely finished.