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As it turns out, most of last week was not a figment of our imagination: Supermodel Kate Moss, appearing on the cover of the UK's Daily Mirror cutting and snorting hearty lines of cocaine, has admitted that she was not bumping a mix of powdered sugar and baking soda. The white substance featured at right was, in fact, COCAINE.

On Thursday, Moss met with her overlords at H&M to apologize for embarassing the retail chain, which has signed Moss to model one of its upcoming clothing lines. Moss' contract stipulated that she abide by a company policy that all models be "healthy, wholesome and sound," and Moss admitted to her employers that the allegations of her drug use were true. Which means she failed to nail a single one of H&M's three pithy requirements — but at least she stayed skinny enough to model their new $19 peasant vest.

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