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"Plans are in the works for some Op-Ed columnists to produce weblogs."
-New York Times press release, September 19, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

autumn dreams
i didn't wake up until noon today, which sucks, cause i was supposed to go to lunch with jenny 8... oh well. she'll prolly get over it, but i can't reschedule for tomorrow cause i'm supposed to visit judy and i have to get there before keller — he just talks and talks until visiting hours are over. doesn't matter that much, i guess. i'm jsut visiting cause everyone else is. i never really know what to say to judy. but i should go cause i have to write a column about a transportation bill or something.

man oh man, i love the new sufjan stevens (sp?) album *soooo* fucking much..
current mood: sleepy
posted by: jtierney 9/28/05 12:45:06 PM

god i hate barney calame so so so so so so much he thinks he's so smart.

i can't really talk about it right now.
current mood: mad
listening to: joni
posted by: krug-man04 9/28/05 11:15:34 AM

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