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HotelChatter may have some anecdotal evidence that Amanda Scheer Demme's Tropicana Bar might soon be slipping from the top of the celebrity-fellating nightspot heap:

According to a HotelChatter reader:"John Popper of Blues Traveler and fat fame was on Howard Stern this morning talking about how great the Roosevelt Hotel is. No idea if he stayed there, but he eluded [sic] to having romanced women at the property....eeewwwww!!!" So there you have it. John Popper, who is clinging to celebrity like spit clings to his tired harmonica, loves the Roosevelt, and actually may hook up with women there.

When the Trop's great and interesting clientele stumble into one of the poolside cabanas, they want to see Courtney Love foaming at the mouth or Bruce Willis buried alive under a pile of 20-year-olds, not John Popper showing his stomach-staple scars to a desperate groupie that can't get over the fact that she's about to blow the guy who sang "Runaround." Scheer Demme better tighten up that guest list before Hootie (or, God forbid, a minor Blowfish) gets past security and ruins her party.