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In yet another edition of Tales from the Trop, a Defamer operative files a brief report about last night's Flightplan premiere after-party, held at everyone's favorite celebrity glory-hole, the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel. Spurred by some inconvenient rainfall, our dogged correspondent stepped indoors and coaxed a desk clerk into admitting that once night falls, the hotel's guests have a better chance of hitting the Powerball than cracking Amanda Scheer Demme's guest list:

Amanda Scheer Demme wins again!!!! Not only is she the current queen of the velvet rope (sorry Pantera Sara)....but apparently she also has a direct line to the man (or woman) upstairs. I knew things were too good to be true the minute I was actually allowed to step foot inside Scheer Demme's gilded, palm-laden paradise, aka The Trop. I have to admit, the atmosphere was pretty great and my gums practically started tingling the minute I entered the bathroom stall. But alas, a mere 45 minutes into the Flightplan premiere party the heavens opened up and most of us were forced to scurry for the exit. Think of it as a social cleansing. I mean, was Sheer-Demme really going to let a bunch of Hollywood no-listers like myself ruin her playground? I think not.

As far as the premiere party goes, it was surprisingly well put together. The food was excellent: curry shrimp, the best mac & cheese I've had in a long time, chicken, cheese spread and fantastic brownie bites. Jodie Foster couldn't have been more down to earth and I was even blown away to overhear that Brian Grazer had personally donated 1 million of his personal coin to The Red Cross relief efforts for Katrina. Nice to know that his relationship with the urban community extends beyond "Nutty Professor" sequels. The highlight of my night, however, was the following conversation I had with a front desk clerk at The Roosevelt before my departure.

Me: So....I was thinking of recommending your hotel to some friends coming in from out of town. Will they be able to use the Tropicana bar and pool area during their stay?

Her: Yes. (Though I could tell there was something she was hiding!)

Me: Even at night?

Her: Yes...if they rent a cabana booth it won't be a problem.

Me: What if they just want to come for a drink?

Her: (getting nervous) long as there isn't a 'private party'.

Me: And how often are there 'private parties'?

Her: Most nights.

Me: And when you say 'private party', you mean like a premiere or other such event?

Her: (starting to break) You see....the thing is....well....we only technically own the property until 7 PM. Then it's taken over by another entity who uses a guest list.

Me: (playing dumb) they just need to call some number and it won't be a problem?

Her: (giving in) To be honest sir, they don't check their messages that often.

Me: So...if they come and stay here, they are not guaranteed to be able to patronize the bar at the very hotel they are paying to stay at?

Her: They are free to use the property up until 7 PM.

Me: I think I know what you're saying. Have a good night.

For those who find renting their own cabana a little too pricey, but are still desperate for a taste of The Trop's trademark starfucking experience, they do offer a budget option, The Ten Minutes Underneath John Popper Plan.