• Everybody who's anybody — and many who are nobody — turned out for a tribute to Peter Jennings at Carnegie Hall yesterday. [WP]
The New Yorker/NYPD's Ed Conlon signs for first novel, gets $550K advance. Also, AMI shrinks Enquirer to save money. [NYP]
• Katrina shows Big Media are snobs, too. [VV]
OK! America could pay up $2 million for pix of Britney's baby — unless the dreaded paparazzi get there first. [Radar]
• The Times further stokes Jack Shafer's ire — and this time rips his flesh, too — this time with a bogus trend story. [Slate]
• Elizabeth Spiers, who is friends with Dana Vachon, says the "continued prospects" of Men's Vogue "are positive." Si Newhouse exhales in relief. [MB]