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Things just keep getting worse for (former?) supermodel Kate Moss. After her coke-sniffing mug was featured on the cover of the UK's Daily Mirror last week, mega-retailer H&M has dropped Moss from their upcoming campaign and it seems that Chanel is following suit, refusing to renew Moss' contract in October. Moss still has a deal with cosmetics company Rimmel but, at this rate, we doubt that'll last much longer.

Since when did the fashion industry suddenly turn against cocaine use? Models such as Naomi Campbell have openly admitted to their drug problems and continue to work. Alas, satanic intervention might be involved: We hear that Anna Wintour might be to blame. Word from Europe is the Vogue editor has been campaigning against Moss ever since the story broke, thus the sudden Moss backlash. Is there any evil in this world not related to Wintour?

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