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· Britney Spears is taking great pains, like hiring decoy lookalikes to trick greedy shutterbugs, to make sure that she cashes in on her little peanut before the paparazzi do.
· We've never seen Veronica Mars (please, hold your appalled e-mails), but apparently it's just like The OC, right down to the soundtrack.
· We thought that the city smelled kind of funky yesterday, but attributed it to the fact that we put off taking a shower a little bit too long. (Hey, that's blogging.) LA Observed's StenchWatch seems to let us off the hook.
· Fametracker was way ahead of the curve, predicting an Everybody Loves Raymond sequel in which Brad Garrett's character moves out of the house about two years ago. Someone give these guys a development deal.
· Dolce's Emmy night makeover wasn't quite as popular with the neighbors as it was with the drunk folks with the spray paint cans.