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Besides Celebrity Death Pool, is there any other more deliciously schadenfreudic game of Hollywood Grim Reaperdom than guessing which of the new crop of network shows will be cancelled first? If you bet on Fox's Head Cases, aka Showcase for the Many Annoying Facets of Adam Goldberg, it's time to collect the pot:

Fox has dropped the guillotine on frosh drama "Head Cases," making the quirky legal drama the first casualty of the 2005-06 season.

Production was halted and producers, including 20th Century Fox TV, were informed of Fox's decision late Thursday. Six segs (including the pilot) had been shot, leaving four unaired episodes on the shelf.

Sadly, it would appear co-star Chris O'Donnell's best work (nippled-latex crimefighting, tonsil hockey with a bi-polar Drew Barrymore) is behind him.