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· SAG elects Alan Rosenberg and his radical 'Membership First' faction to power with 10 of the 11 available seats, with the remaining seat going to a moderate (but decidedly more evening-glamorous) Morgan Fairchild. In a stirring speech for the ages delivered from the roof of the Beverly Center, Rosenberg announces that the streets of LA will "run with the blood of those who aren't on the same DVD-residuals page as we are." [Variety]
· In further Guild election news, Michael Apted is re-elected to another two-year term as DGA president, and "said he was looking forward to working with new SAG president Alan Rosenberg," to which Rosenberg replied: "Two words, Apted: DVD. Residuals. Or your head's on a stick." [Variety]
· NYPD Blue creator Steven Bochco signs a multi-year development deal with Touchstone Television. First up on the development slate is Murder Over There Rock, a groundbreaking musical series that explores the shooting of one Iraqi insurgent over an entire season. [Variety]
· Universal's purchase of DreamWorks is still far from closed at the end of their two-month period of exclusive talks, largely due to Spielberg being tied up on the Munich set in Malta. We presume the production was forced to relocate from Budapest after Hungarian locals grew weary of being required to refer to the director as "Your Most Excellent All-Powerful Supreme Eminence," not to mention his preferred method of transportation, the backs of their children and elderly. [Variety]
· Nicole Kidman will star in and produce a film adaptation of Jules Bass' comic novel Headhunters for Fox 2000, "centering on four New Jersey women who jet to Monte Carlo and pretend to be rich heiresses in hopes of landing wealthy husbands." Kidman's reps released an enthusiastic statement, saying "in the vein of The Stepford Wives and Bewitched, Nicole is once again thrilled to have the opportunity to not make audiences laugh." [Variety]