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In this latest run on the celebrity-sighting carousel: Kevin Bacon consulting with a neophyte plastic surgeon, Mary-Kate still at NYU, Gwyneth and Chris Martin in Texas, Brad Pitt, Brad Cooper, Mandy Moore, Fabian Basabe sucking face sans wife, Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett, Snoop Dogg, Elijah Wood, Meg White, Billy Crudup and Claire Danes, Lauren Ambrose, Sarah Vowell, David Lee Roth, Heath Leger, Naomi Campbell, Steven Spielberg, Christian Slater, Leelee Sobieski and World s Greatest Canadian nominee David Suzuki, Keri Russell, Amy Poehler, Kevin Connelly, Darrell Hammond, Jenny McCarthy, Regis Philbin, Armand Assante, Stephen Jenkins and Vanessa Carleton, Tony Danza, and LL Cool J.

Today, 9/22 at 2:30PM I was with a friend at the Manhattan Ear and Eye Infirmary. We were at the plastic surgery clinic for a consultation. There is a program there that offers really discounted plastic surgery with new doctors. As we were leaving the doctors office who was the next patient you wonder? Non other than Kevin Bacon! Tall and super skinny! He was dressed in tight jeans with the customary baseball cap on. As we both screamed KEVIN, the doctor s door closed.

Alert US Weekly: Mary-Kate Olsen is still at NYU. Saw her walking south on 8th street. I noticed her because of her legs, they're shapeless sticks. My Chihuahua has thicker legs than this girl. She was wearing silk and lace shorts that looked like sleep wear, a big baggy shirt and those huge bug glasses. It wasn't even sunny out. She was followed by her big bodyguard, talking on her razor and carrying a big bag that looked like laundry.

Tonight at my friend's wedding at Austin s Four Seasons hotel we spotted Gwyneth at the pool in a white bikini - she hid her face with a magazine as she ran from the pool when she mistook the wedding photographer for paparazzi. Later during the reception my son's fianc ' enjoyed a friendly encounter with Chris Martin (not very tall & sporting serious bed head) as he walked into the hotel with takeout food. no sign of Apple. Heard the butterscotch stallion was in town also for the Austin city limits music festival but haven't spotted him yet.

I saw Brad Pitt sans Angie at the opening of the Ralph Lauren Rugby store on Friday at 12th and university. He is ridiculously good looking in person. Not that he isn t on film. From what I hear Angelina was near by hanging out with some kids with cancer or something. Then today I saw Bradley Cooper (from wedding crashers and kitchen confidential) at the restaurant Fred's (at Barney's) on Madison, who looked scrubby and really out of place in gross flip flops, shorts, and a button down t-shirt next to the primped-out Barney's crowd.

Saw Mandy Moore shopping with an assistant in Marc Jacobs in the West Village on Saturday evening, 9/24. She had no make-up and was naturally pretty and was dressed simply in a navy blue t-shirt and denim skirt, with black thong worn too high that you can see them peeking out from underneath the skirt. I must say she definitely looks better blonde. The staff was extra attentive, asking her if she wanted anything to drink and what-not. How come we mere mortals don't get the same quality treatment as these stars?

Saw Fabian Basabe VERY PUBLICLY tossing random, pretty female in the air, then making out with her in plain view at Bungalow last night. Later, he not so publicly spoke in low tones to a very handsome young fellow, stroked the guy's chest, etc.

Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett at Ace Bar 9/23. They were quiet and came in for a drink, played some games. Scarlett was amazed that the manager allows people to bring their pets in, as she was playing with some random pooch and saying how cute it was. Everything was cool until stalkers started cornering her and Josh, sitting by them when there was like an entire bar full of stools and seats. They played pool, drank their beers and left once people were undressing them with their eyes.

Snoop Dogg getting out of a "big black SUV" on 8th Avenue around 46th Street. Lots of "big black security" plus the Bishop Don Juan and his pimp cup. Snoop looks anorexic; walked into a porn shop.

Tonight (9/25) I was standing on the corner of Houston and Lafayette waiting for the light to change. I saw a cab stopped at the red light, and in the back was Elijah Wood and a blonde girl who I didn't recognize. They were going east on Houston. I saw Everything Is Illuminated the day before, so it was a cool sighting.

Meg White from the White Stripes came into my favorite dive bar, Mona's, in the East Village on Friday night (9/23) around midnight with a group of longhaired hipsters and some tall dude wearing a black hat (sadly, not Jack White). They took a table in the back and nobody really bothered them, but my friend and I did chat her up while in line for the bathroom (she initially tried to cut in line). I was surprised that she was taller than me, though both of us were in heels, and she had this cute quality to her. But long flowy black hair aside, there was virtually nothing recognizable about her. My (male) friend tried to buy her a drink after our bathroom line encounter, but she had just started on her Jameson and seemed complacent, so he bought her friend a Heineken and retreated without pressing her for the backstage passes to their Saturday night show (in Coney Island) that we had sent him over to weasel out of her. Post-concert note: she looks ten times hotter about 100 feet away, under stage lighting, wielding drumsticks.

The elusive Billy Crudup and Claire Danes cuddling up at the opening night of Claire's modern dance solo at Performance Space 122. Claire looked hot, flushed from the workout, Billy looked adoring (and adorable).

If you care about this kind of thing, at last night's performance of Roundabout Theatre Company's "A Naked Girl on the Appian Way" we spotted Meryl Streep, looking elegant, graceful, and sleek.

The other night at the Medecins sans Frontieres photo exhibit opening on Franklin street, standing amidst images of war-torn democratic republic of Congo, was Lauren Ambrose. I love her[!!] but felt conflicted about experiencing fan-giddiness in such a somber environment, so I kept it bottled up. I wonder how many others were glancing over and guiltily grinning on the inside...

This afternoon I saw Sarah Vowell (of NPR and The Incredibles) power walking past Union Square. Later I passed Frances McDormand on the UWS. She was sporting some seriously disappointing turquoise pants.

Saw David Lee Roth dropping off his laundry on Ludlow St. wearing his FULL NYC EMS uniform and gear. I'm sure you get this a lot, but, can you imagine being smacked by a bus and coming to to see you have just been defibrillated by Diamond Dave?

I saw Heath Ledger last weekend (9/17) with a couple of his "mates" at No 1. Chinese on Ave B. They were talking politics (Bush & Clinton), and seemed at least semi-informed. No one seemed to notice him (except for me and my friends...). Heath was very handsome, though I don't know that I would have picked him out of a crowd had I not recognized him. His pregnant wife was nowhere to be seen...

Saw Naomi Campbell waltz into Mercadito last night at around 9:30 with a bunch of fashion-y looking dudes. Wearing a tiny mini, super long light extensions, and grinning from ear to ear- maybe she's happy about the possibility of scoring new Burberry/Chanel/H&M contracts? I have to admit, she was rather radiant, looked about 19 years old, and not at all like she wanted to bash anyone in the face with her cellphone.

I was walking up Mercer past the John Varvatos store today when I saw a shiny black tinted-window Escalade out front, as well as four paparazzi jockeying for position. And I thought, here's my ticket to the elite subset of nobodies posting comments on Gawker. So I ask one of the telephoto-wielding bottom-feeders who they're waiting for, and he says, "Spielberg." Steven Spielberg? Don't get me wrong — I like movies about the Holocaust and ass-stomping dinosaurs as much as the next guy but since when does he rate tabloid coverage? I walked away totally upset until I saw a typically non-famous hot chick with a low-cut shirt. Then I felt better.

Saw a judicially vindicated Christian Slater enjoying outside seating at FETCH, the dog-flavored restaurant on 3rd between 93rd and 94th latish on Thursday night. Rachel Hunter in a totally weird too tight black number on 18th between 5th and 6th on Friday at lunchtime. Olivia d Abo getting orientated at Chelsea Piers by Membership Services type peoples on Tuesday night.

On my delayed flight from Vancouver to New York on Friday, Sept 23...Leelee Sobieski and Canadian icon/scientist/environmentalist/ TV host/World's Greatest Canadian nominee David Suzuki [Ed: Uh?]). Leelee was wearing shelpy oversized dad clothes. She has a very broad, manly body and dish-water colored long, coarse hair. Preboarding, she was talking on her phone and I heard her saying "I'm not paying that much for an apartment." Her accessory was a carry-on bag with a tiny puppy inside. David Suzuki's accessory was an atlas-sized day timer that was jam-packed with scribbles, assumingly with important meetings regarding saving the world. He also had a small stack of essays, probably also about important things. I spent the entire flight trying to figure out what Leelee's been in aside from Eyes Wide Shut.

Friday Sept. 23 - Saw Keri Russell a/k/a Felicity on the corner of 15th and 9th at about 2pm today, dressed casual in a brown tank top, jeans and carrying a fabulous beige bag and a Venti Starbucks. She was with a taller woman, modelesque, in a jersey dress and one of those tired cowboy hats with the curled up ends. Felicity is skinnier than she ever appears on camera.

Amidst all the trendily disheveled folks at Waverly diner on Sunday morning, I spotted Amy Poehler sporting adorable bedhead and eating with an older couple who seemed to be her ma and pa. It was great fun to see every person new to the waiting line do the "I just spotted Amy Poehler in the corner booth!" Hell, I know I did it! Oh how I wish Will Arnett had been with her...I would've whistled "Final Countdown" on the way out. Alas...

Just picking up lunch from Sosa Borella today (1:30pm, Thursday) and who walks in? E from Entourage - Kevin Connelly sans Nikki Hilton but with some other girl. Is he still dating Nikki?

I saw my first celebrity in New York last night (9/22) and immediately thought of Gawker. I saw SNL alum Darrell Hammond walking down W. 4th street, wearing a Yankees hat and with a suit jacket slung over his shoulder. As my friend commented, "he dresses like a celebrity." He stopped for a smoke on the street then walked on. I'm so glad I can finally say I spotted a celebrity.

Hanging out in the lobby of the W hotel I spot a top-heavy blonde playing (and clearly fascinated) with the decorative plots of grass by the elevators. It was a newly-single Jenny McCarthy, surprisingly not farting, burping or wetting her pants.

Stood next to Regis Philbin in packed Yankee Stadium elevator. I'm no giant but he could have been my ventriloquist's dummy. His hair was of an inhuman orangish hue. My friend broke the silence by very loudly asking our other companion, "Hey, Mike, is your rash getting any better?" which managed to make the Regis-doll laugh.

9/21 Saw Armand Assante walking towards me on a crowded Lex. Ave sidewalk. Tall, tan with very taught skin looking like he was having a bit of an out-of-body experience as he hustled himself into the lobby of big office building. As he got closer, I could see he was teetering a bit as he moved. I looked down at his feet and to my horror saw very high-heeled brown cowboy boots. These boots were not made for walkin and paired with the tight-ass jeans and VERY fitted navy blazer he looked mighty uncomfortable. I will say this though he still has those beautiful eyes I remember from Private Benjamin .

Walking home from D'ag and saw Stephen Jenkins and his 13 year old girlfriend Vanessa Carlton sitting outside at Mi Cocina on Jane and Hudson on Thursday night (9/22). He looked skinny and self-important. She looked ... 13. He's probably just pissed that Charlize got uber famous after she ditched him.

I was in Little Italy for the San Gennaro Festival the night of Wednesday the 21st. I was feeling a little like Dorothy: "Guidos and tourists and carnies, oh my!" Much to my delight the crowd ahead of me parted like water as Tony Danza walked right past me, video crew in pursuit. They were obviously doing some kind of segment for his talk show. As he walked past I couldn't help myself and in my best Danza voice I said "Angela". I was rewarded with a little smile and half wave. Bro looks good - shorter than I thought, and has obviously had some work/botox done on his face, but really good work - he didn't look fakey/plastic like Nicole Kidman.

Here's one for the bottom of the Gawker Stalker: Saw LL Cool J stepping out of a Limo in front of the Mandarin Oriental Entrance in the Time Warner Center. I immediately recognized him somehow, yet no one else seemed to. He was smiling for the non-existent fans/photographers and slowly walked to the door, pathetically looking for side to side, waiting for someone to say something. Finally walked in and, thankfully, out of my way.