BREAKING: Diana Ross Bends a Fender

Admittedly, I'm new to this Defamer thing, making it a tough call whether or not to run a reader submitted tip. But this one was so juicy, I'm going for it:

Hey guys just have a QUICK second to send this from my phone (so PLEASE excuse the quality !) I just saw Diana Ross had a HUGE fenderbender (as in the whole freakin thing came off!) on the corner of Poinsettia and Sunset and she was hiding in the doorway of a dry cleaner!

I can only hope things don't quickly escalate into a Dog Day Afternoon -type situation, with Miss Ross holed-up inside the cleaners as crowds outside chant a taunting "Upside Down, Upside Down!"

BREAKING: Diana Ross Bends a Fender

We now have photographic proof supporting the Diana Ross accident item ("now" because we just discovered the attachments). As you can clearly see, demarked by a green oval, none other than Miss Diana Ross is cowering in the doorway of a Fluff and Fold as her mangled vehicle is towed away.


UPDATE 2: Readers claim that it was Ross's son driving the car.

More Diana damage after the jump.

BREAKING: Diana Ross Bends a Fender