Remainders: Tom Cruise Will Kill Psychiatry With His Bare Hands

• Tom Cruise has studied the history of psychiatry, and now he's going to speak about it at the Scientology Center in Los Angeles. Don't even think about going if you're going to be glib. Update: Apparently, the whole thing is a hoax, and our bullshit radar was malfunctioning. Nevertheless, we do maintain that Cruise will kill psychiatry with his bare hands. [Pressbox]
• Oh, how we love those crazy SanFran lefties. [Flickr]
• Park Slope is edgy, too. But to a fault. [NY1]
• Ben Affleck considers running for the Senate, and suddenly Montreal is looking really nice. [Defamer]
• As it turns out, iguanas are illegal to keep as pets in NYC, as are all non-human primates. That's bad news for Maer Roshan's boyfriend. [Gothamist]