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Strange things are afoot at the Celebrity Circle-Jerk K, as the Sickcandy blog recounts a possible paranormal experience at our beloved Tropicana bar:

As the waitress was ringing up our drinks, a flash went off along with what sounded like an old-fashioned flash bulb popping. We looked at each other and I, a little confused, asked the waitress, "Did you take a picture of my credit card?" The waitress shook her head. We looked around, and there was no one (and certainly no one with a camera) around. The cleaning lady next to us also saw and heard the flash, and we were all pretty spooked. The waitress then explained that we were just below the Marilyn Monroe suite and that yesterday she had taken down a sign that said, "No flash photography." Personally, I think that it was a long-dead paparazzo making his presence known...

A follow-up post has some potential photographic evidence featuring a creepy, unexplained blurred figure (at left in the photos above—see the full pics at Sickcandy). Spooky! It seems that not even Amanda Scheer Demme has developed a VIP area that can keep out undesirables once they've shuffled off their highly unfashionable mortal coils. She's never going to get rid of Courtney Love.