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• Britain's Sky television plans on showing a Kate Moss documentary that includes actual footage of the supermodel blowing her couture rails. We're not sure this is worth your time; if you simply print out all the images from the Mirror and assemble them, in order, you can have a handy animated flipbook. Much cooler, we think. [Reuters]
• It's a dream come true: High Times is looking for an editorial assistant. Now if only interested parties were motivated enough to put together a resume. [Craigslist]
• Clear your mind. Inhale, exhale, and go blank. Now: What's the first phrase that pops into your head? "Christian Mime Ministry?" Why, us too! [AllThingsChristie]
• You might find this hard to believe, but Jackass sidekick Steve-O got drunk. On television. Crazy, we know — but at least worth a snickering watch. [CC Insider]