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The Yale Daily News profiles alumnus Anderson Cooper, and it provides us with both a window into his obsessive nature and insight into his sexy silver tresses:

After failing to keep up with his teammates and having his dreams of rowing dashed, Cooper found another seat for himself at the front of the boat. At 5-feet-10, Cooper decided to go down to 125 pounds to make race weight as a coxswain.

"It was sort of absurd," Cooper said. "I was probably normally 145 or 150 regularly, so it was a little extreme looking back on it. It's probably why I went grey early...."

Yes, that's probably why. Or else maybe this:

Despite his heavy commitment to crew and his academics, his friends remember him for many of his other qualities: his ability to sleep through anything, his propensity to borrow clothing, the toys he accumulated, the impressions he could do of people, the way he always had a bevy of girls with crushes on him...."

It's funny how mental stresses can manifest themselves physically. By which mean the stress of remembering to return borrowed clothes, of course.

Cooper '89 Brings Intensity to News [YDN]