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Esquire's geeky guinea pig A.J. Jacobs wikis the shit out of himself and his publication. Book deal TK. []
• Does South Beach need its own Bret East Ellis? And will someone please step up to the plate besides Wenner Media's Gwen Cooper? [MNT]
• If the impossibly adorable Mandy Moore is, in fact, in Silver Hill for rehab, then we're throwing in the towel. We simply cannot save these people, no matter how hard we try. [Bricks and Stones]
• New York gets movie-script level edgy. [NYP]
• That bastion of high design, Fox News, is hiring a new graphic design guru. Live the dream, young conservative art fags. [Craigslist]
High Times Stony Awards is, none too surprisingly, more entertaining, snack-filled than the Oscars. [The Reeler]
Us Weekly editor Janice Min is after your kids. It was inevitable, really. [Radar]