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It's a particularly bad day to be a stalker. Out of seemingly nowhere, old-school online network Friendster (which, much to our delight, still exists for those of us feeling too "old" for the hip kids on MySpace) has added a feature which allows members to see who has viewed their profile in the past month. So if you've looked up that hot chick in accounting, she's going to know it as soon as she logs on.

For future reference, there is an option that allows one to view anonymously so that the objects of your internerdy desire will remain blissfully unaware of your obsession, but it would've been nice for Friendster to give some advance warning. Instead, we now know that our profile has been viewed 192 times since September 1, 2005, and we're so telling your significant other what you've been up to.

Warning! Friendster Sucks! [Craigslist]