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Imagine our surprise when, one peaceful, pickle-scented Sunday morning, we found ourselves mentioned, yet again, in Page Six's venerable copy. (Bless their hearts, too, for taking a quote we gave to BlackBook mag out of context.)

In that same item, they also make mention of Bungalow 8 and Bette guru Amy Sacco's saccharine love. The gossip moneys write, "Referring to Page Six, she tells the mag: 'I would say 99 percent of the time, they're dead on.' Thanks, Amy."

As for that inaccurate 1%, it's the item directly before this one, in which the column reported that singer Vanessa Carlton finished an 18-mile race in under 6 minutes, placing 17th out of 300 runners. Actually, that race was 1 mile, and Carlton placed 589th overall. Or maybe it was another item in that same column, where they incorrectly identified Hilary Duff's boyfriend as Benji Madden (she's dating Joel). Or maybe it was that other item in the same column, where Heath Ledger's girlfriend is pictured as a member of Destiny's Child. Surely one of those errors counts as the 1%.

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