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· Late night talk show joke writers despair: Nipsey Russell, frequent non-sequitur punchline and the "poet laureate of television," has passed on.
· Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are selling their Beverly Hills estate for $28 million. That breaks down to about $8 million for the house and grounds, and $20 million for the opportunity to invite your friends over to marinate in the palpable psychic pain left over from the destruction of America's Favorite Couple.
· Trust us, if your Desperate Housewives came in only in Spanish last night, you didn't miss much. But how many more times can Adelphia fuck up (Defamer HQ was in last Wednesday's odd blackout, making us miss Lost) before someone burns down their offices?
· Sarah Polley and Terry Gilliam correspond about Polley's traumatizing experiences as the nine year-old star of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Strangely, none of these psychic wounds concerned prolonged exposure to Robin Williams.
· Pamela Anderson's stalker may never get to work with her.