'Post' Makes Clear Depth of Our Sociopathy

Bleary-eyed, head pounding, we rise to face another grim day.

And before we've even finished the morning's inaugural cigarette, the New York Post has made us feel like the most horrible human being ever. Because we have laughed — laughed out loud! — at the baby-stabbing story.

In talking to police the night of the attack, Derr a mental patient who takes multiple anti-psychotics brushed off his alleged brutality, describing it as the logical response to having fought with his two roommates in their Fort Washington Avenue group home.

"Lately, they been getting on my nerves," he said of "Oassie" and "Billy." "They'd been hounding me to clean up, do the dishes, stuff like that.

"Those two fellas made me angry. I was going to stab them and then decided to stab a baby..."

There it is. That's why he stabbed the baby. Because his roommates wanted him to do the dishes.

And that's why we're going to hell.

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