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Maureen Dowd doesn't need your dirty money to feel good about herself, and she's not going to whore herself out for her corporate masters. Having lost her reserved spot on the Most Emailed List, people who bother to shill out money for content have noticed that MoDo has become uncharacteristically withdrawn:

Despite promises from the newspaper that each of its high-profile columnists—now hidden behind a pay wall on the Web—would provide bonus content and services at the site, Dowd so far has offered nothing original, beyond her twice-weekly print column.

This stands in stark contrast to her colleagues, Frank Rich, Bob Herbert, Thomas Friedman, David Brooks, Paul Krugman, Nicholas Kristof, and John Tierney.

Dowd is "rumored" to think, like most bloggers, that the whole TimesSelect thing seems to limit the audience and influence of once-powerful Times columnists.

So those of you unwilling to pay for your Dowd fix can rest assured that you're not missing those Nerve Personals-ish extra features all the other guys are doing ("Poll: What zeitgeisty tv show should I next compare with the Bush administration?").

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