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Is it just us or does that top headline (click to enlarge) make absolutely no sense, even for a Post hed? I mean, Tom Cruise is famous for being in movies called "Mission Impossible," and yes, the subhead is informative, if credulous, so we're with them that far. But when we search for some clever double entendre — or even a cheesy pun — we come up dry.

What the hell does "Mission Impossible" have to do with pregnancy? The headline could be "Cocktail" for all the relevance it has. Christ, even "RISKY BUSINESS" woulda made more sense.

Here are some alternate headlines that, frankly, we're disappointed in the Post for not using:
TomKittens On the Way
Dead Thetan: 'There's No Place Like Holmes'
And one sent in by reader Dawn Eden (no lie):

Tom and Katie Preggers [NYP]