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Radar sold out! Radar sold out!

The first issue since it relaunched in the spring sold 71,000 copies at the newsstand and about 34% of the copies put on newsstand racks.

Oh. Well, that's not so bad. It's almost the President's approval rating (ba-dum)! And hey, it's pretty good for a new(-ish) magazine. Those sales numbers are pretty much the only real news in this AdAge piece, which makes li'l ol' us out to be the nasty villains. Oh, except for this:

It plans two more issues this year, the next one to picture Angelina Jolie on the cover, and increased frequency in 2006.

WTFOMG! Angelina Jolie! It's like they are tapped in to the celebrity culture! Like they are mainlining issues of Star! Issues from last month, but still!

Radar Cover Subject Generator:
1. Take four consecutive UsWeekly issues.
2. Add one (1) randomly selected Vanity Fair cover.
3. Find which celebrity appears most often.
4. Wait two months.
5. Add crappy photoshop.
6. Mix liberally with cred-saving "ironic" take on said subject.
7. Sell out!!!*

Look for the Winter 2006 issue, featuring Lindsay Lohan's car crashing into Harriet Miers.

*Out = 34%

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