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You may have come across the Shitty Tipper Database before — perhaps even as one of the titular shitty tippers. You're not alone: Cityrag has collected the best celebrity entries — can you guess which cheap-ass famous people the following irate things were written about?

1. "Eat your puddin' phlism-phlasm, bism basm, poppin, baaaaaah"

2. "I was the server of mister [redacted] and well certanly was't a nice experince he was rude and want special items where was't in the menu and his kids so bad behive they dump the sugar out of the package on the table and all the adults did't pay any attencion"

3. "She smelled, badly. She wasn't even coherent. The guy she was with had to order for her. Bitches didn't leave a tip!"

Answers here, or after the jump.

1. Bill Cosby
2. Bobby Brown
3. Kirsten Dunst

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