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Amanda Scheer Demme's anti-fabulosity defenses seem to have sagged to an all-time low. Recently, she was unable to stop Blues Traveler frontman John Popper from turning the Tropicana into his personal erotic amusement park, and was equally unsuccessful at preventing the dead from bellying up to the bar. Now she's allowing actresses with dead careers onto her once-formidable guest-list. Says a reader:

At the oh-so-fabulous Tropicana on Saturday night, I spotted a disappointingly in-control Tara Reid chatting with a friend by the pool.

If you're going to let Reid past the velvet rope, you'd better duct-tape martini glasses to both hands and tell the waitstaff to keep them full. Why take the guest-quality hit if there's not at least a 50-50 chance she's going to light a cabana on fire or insist on conducting experiments on barstool buoyancy and attract some tabloid attention? And if a Reid residency weren't a big enough harbinger of doom, USA Today's discovery of the place doesn't bode well, either. Can't wait for next week's feature in the Best Bets section in the Temecula Pennysaver.