This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here. is filtering out obvious nasty comments about Britney's newborn, but more cleverly worded (or frighteningly sincere) ones are still getting through. God bless you, internets, for all the joy your bring.
· Waiting director Rob McKittrick posts some highly entertaining footage of an on-set feud with actor Luis Guzman on his blog. Coincidentally, Waiting comes out today. Oh, look at how cynical we are! Why can't we just enjoy a good pissing match and shut the f up?
· Sex offenders, beware Oprah's vigilante justice.
· Grab a box of tissues, you're about to become a blubbering mess: Lindsay Lohan's jailbird dad loves her heartfelt song about how he destroyed their family.
· The You Can't Make It Up blog offers up some celebrity emoticons. The Tara Reid one is our fave.