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You can now officially stop going about your daily business with steely determination in the face of terror, and return to going about it with quiet desperation:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday called off a high alert for the city's subway system after the attack date cited in a federal warning passed without incident.

What a relief. And, conveniently, all my weekend fear made me forget who Freddy Ferrer is.

But wait! The terror is NOT OVER YET:

SQUIRRELS are getting hooked on crack cocaine hidden by addicts in gardens.They are digging up the stashes and eating the mega-addictive drug, which comes in small chunks.
Crack squirrels are a recognised problem in America. They are common in parks used by addicts in New York and Washington DC.

They have been known to attack park visitors in their search for a fix.

Oddly, LES Jewels was unavailable for comment.

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