Much as the War on Terror became, over time, the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism, so has the War on Snark been rather diminished in the public eye over time, due to its open-ended nature. A long, long time ago, our previous selves reported on the start of the battle in a tone could be described as dripping with that s-word:

[The Believer's] Snarkwatch campaign sort of the suburban Neighborhood Watch program of the literary world is attracting submissions, but, well, they suck.

And now, two years later, visitors to Snarkwatch see only this message:

This image was lost some time after publication.

The cease-fire has been declared, presumably, so that the mag may focus their resources on their turf-war with n+1.

And we must say, we applaud this decision. Not because it represents the victory of our patented brand of mindless nihilism, but because if we ever hear the word "snark" again, we will be forced to stab a baby.

Snarkwatch [Believer]
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