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From the Black Table's Black List, the source for all your various disgruntlements:

THE NEW YORK TIMES SELECT: Until recently, one the things that dulled the pain of working a corporate desk job was being able to read The New York Times online and free of charge, particularly their Op-Ed section. Bob Herbert's righteous outrage at the shabby treatment of America's working class or Paul Krugman's latest intellectual bitch-slapping of the Bush administration makes for good reading any time. Recently though, all the news that's fit to print will now cost you, as the Times is charging money for people to read their more popular articles online. Advertisements promise "exclusive online access" to Times columnists. Will Thomas Friedman call us to chat about the wonders of globalization? Will Maureen Dowd give us our own obnoxious nicknames? Doubtful. The Old Gray Lady has become a money-grubbing harpy. D-

The Black List [Black Table]