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So Michael Caruso, the EIC of that other Wenner Media title, Men's Journal, packed up his office yesterday and announced that he was off like an old lady's libido. Having spent two years helming the apple in Jann Wenner's eye, Caruso's decided not to renew his contract, which was up in November. According to Mediaweek, the move isn't much of a surprise: Caruso had spent most of the summer complaining about the company's "management style." Gosh, what could Caruso possibly be unhappy about?

Meanwhile, we have it under good authority that around the time of Jann Wenner's most recent desk-checking insanity, Jann himself did a brief scan of the office and decided that things looked too cluttered. Specifically, he had a problem with the printers — too many! Too unseemly! And so, a hefty percentage (maybe even 50%) of the printers were removed from offices of print publications.

And there you have all the answers: Caruso left because Jann took away his DeskJet.

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