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It seems that the twin problems of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's bloodfeud and Hilton's recent break-up were too much for the production of The Simple Life: Homewrecking Sluts Edition to overcome, as the WOW Report reveals that Fox has pulled the plug on America's favorite useless celebutantes:

The Simple Life has just been cancelled, the plug pulled smack in the middle of production of the reality show's third-season. The concept had been The Simple Wife, in which Paris and Nicole prepped to become loyal and devoted wives. But this marriage was already on the rocks since Paris and Nicole weren't talking to each other and wouldn't appear on camera together. Still, production soldiered on, with each star being filmed separately. The final blow, however, came when Paris aborted her engagement. Nicole and Paris – desperate housewives no more.

We must be strong and try to find the proverbial silver lining in this dark cloud of skank-cancellation despair. Here's one: Tara Reid's going to get one of her drinking buddies back! And as for the families eager to be destroyed on television, well, we can only hope that they'll find more traditional, less harmful ways to disintegrate, like domestic violence and alcoholism.