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Now that Michael Eisner has been stripped of his Mickey ears and cast out of the Magic Kingdom, new CEO Robert Iger wasted no time trying to get back into Apple/Pixar head Steve Jobs' pants. The two moguls did everything but claw at each other's belt buckles when they announced yesterday that ABC's shows will be available to download to the new video iPod, and hinted that the Disney-Pixar relationship may soon be back on:

Iger and Jobs certainly looked to be on good terms Wednesday, shaking hands on stage at the California Theatre and jokingly alluding to the Disney-Pixar agreement.

Jobs, by way of acknowledging that ABC is owned by Disney, got a laugh when he said, "I know these guys."

Iger also took a stab at humor.

"We've enjoyed a great relationship with Steve through Pixar and it's great to announce an extension through Apple — not Pixar," he said. "That'll be for another time."

When an anonymous request that the two men "Get a room!" interrupted their moment, Iger slyly produced a hotel key from his jacket pocket. "I'm a step ahead of you," he said, winking in Jobs' direction, an instant before an Apple executive turned a garden hose on the smoldering power couple.