Who Got the Terror Tip-Off?

While we were "atoning" yesterday (read: sweet, sweet sleep), we couldn't help but notice the Daily News' front page story about the NYC "elite" who were tipped off, in advance, to last week's non-credible credible terror threats. While the story suggests a former Coast Guard official might have been behind one of the three alleged emails, there's no word on who, exactly, constituted the "select crowd of business and arts executives." Well, dammit, that's the important part! This is the sort of event that single-handedly dictates who's elite and who's not! We think we know who made the email list:

• David Remnick
• Richard Johnson
• Naked Cowboy
• Barney Calame
• Ed Hayes
• Noah Tepperberg
• Nick Denton
• Anna Anisimova
• Diddy
• Steve Millington
• L.E.S. Jewels

Who Tipped Big Shots? [NYDN]