In this edition of Gawker Stalker: Julian Schnabel, Lou Reed, Jan Wenner, Michael Stipe, Patti Smith, Helena Christenson, Christina Applegate, Heather Graham, Max Weinberg, Maggie Gyllenhaal and (maybe) Peter Sarsgaard all at U2, Steve Buscemi, Sophia Coppola, Trey Anastasio, James Gandolfini on a Vespa, Nicole Kidman, Adrien Brody, Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Connolly and Paul Bettany, P. Diddy, Naomi Campbell, Owen Wilson Kirsten Dunst, Sigourney Weaver, Marcia Gay Harden, John Legend, Jessica Alba, Sean Paul, Glenn Close, Piper Perabo, Michael Imperioli, Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly, Ralph Fiennes, Scott Speedman, Michael C. Hall, Lauren Bacall, Julianne Moore, Rupert Everett, Janice Dickinson, David Blaine, Taye Diggs, Fabian Basabe, Uma Thurman, Willie Nelson, Ty Pennington, Veronica Webb, Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Schoeffling, Trey Anastasio, Anthony Edwards, and Robert Verdi.

What a Stalker bounty Monday's U2 concert provided.. Julian Schnabel (sans sarong), Lou Reed and Jann Wenner (and his boyfriend) hanging out together in the VIP seating area. They are all very short. Lou had the best accessory of them all- a pony-tailed amazon girl in leather pants, platform boots and chain mail vest. Boy, could she groove and yes, she appeared to be a genetic female. Michael Stipe arrived with a radiant (really!) Patti Smith and they hung with Ali Hewson (Mrs. Bono). Helena Christenson, Christina Applegate, too. We had the most fun watching Maggie Gyllenhaal and a bearded guy with a short jew-fro tongue wrestling all night, when they weren't dancing and actually watching the band. He did not look like her boyfriend-of record, Peter Sarsgaard

I saw Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard in the celebrity pit at the U2 show last night. They sucked face way too many times for my comfort. They should get a room. Also saw Michael Stipe, Heather Graham and Max Weinberg there. Oh, and Bono, but I'm guessing that's not so much a surprise.

Last week my boyfriend spotted Steve Buscemi in a Park Slope deli, ordering a roast beef sandwich. Days later, when we took my mom out to a coffee shop on the same block, guess who sat behind us and ordered cheesecake. It was the highlight of her visit, but now the suspense is killing me - what will Steve Buscemi eat next?

Yesterday, Columbus Day, how appropriate that I would run into Sophia Coppola outside Dean & Deluca Soho! As usual, she looked as if she had just gotten up from a nap. I always remember where I was when she got shot in "Godfather III"...and the entire audience cheered.

Walking to my gym on Sunday afternoon, my girlfriend spotted James Gandolfini trying on a jacket at Take 6 on 1st Ave. and 63rd. Chatting with the mafioso-looking staff, he seemed very much in Tony Soprano mode. All except for his wheels, that is. Didn't know Tony rolled on a gray Vespa!

Nicole Kidman speedwalking up 6th avenue at 14th street at around 10 am. Very tall as has been reported, but with a great little bubble butt.

Adrien Brody on 10/4 at a magazine shop on 6th ave between 12th and 13th streets. Can't miss the nose. Was dressed like a skateboarder but wearing a bling-a-bling-bling watch that no one but Tony Hawk could afford.

Saw Robert De Niro two weeks ago emerging from his trailer while shooting "The Good Shepherd". My italian girlfriend remarked that he looked like a little old italian pizzeria owner from Arthur Ave in the Bronx.

Jennifer Connolly and Paul Bettany with the kids at a Wallace and Grommit showing in Park Slope this weekend. Very nice, Park Slope parents, knew other parents and the kids seemed to know other kids. Came a bit late and had to sit on the side in the front row, and did so gamely. And Yes, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. didn't see them leave as W&G was too scary for my own 5 year old and we had to leave early.

Tonight (10/13) I had dinner at the new Nobu 57. We sat down around 9PM and 10 minutes later DIDDY sits down at the table next to us with a beautiful woman. Diddy must have been bored, since he was on his crackberry the whole time she was talking to him. At one point Naomi Campbell came up to him, said hello for about 3 minutes and took a sip of his martini. Not so bad for a rainy night.

Thursday Oct. 14th: Owen Wilson in all his bland and faux-pensive glory sitting at the bar of Jean Georges at Trump International Hotel (?). I'm not a fan, but I must say he is very handsome in person. I saw the back of the brunette he was talking to, no ID on her. No sight of his brother the Butterscotch Stallion either

Saw Kirsten Dunst at the intersection of Mercer and Prince and ended up walking behind her for half a block before we both went into A.P.C. She was smoking a cigarette and looks exactly like she does in the movies, to the point where even though she had on a hat pulled low, everyone who passed by her was saying, "that was Kirsten Dunst." In A.P.C. she spent the whole time on her cell phone arguing with her mom.

Saw Sigourney Weaver shopping at Lester's on the UES on Tuesday. She was looking for sweatpants and tried on a few by Splendid and People's Liberation. She is super tall in person.

Oct 11. I was dreading jury duty appearance after having postponed it for the umpteenth time. Sitting in the juror waiting room, I noticed this sweet looking woman wearing a newsboy's cap and grey sweater looking very discreet and realized it was Marcia Gay Harden. Oscar winning actresses do jury duty too??? I think she had "planned" a way to get out of serving that day cause she was pulling around one of those mini-suitcases dressed for JFK. After hearing the juror warden say we could delay service one more time, we both sped to the "get out of jury duty" office!

Last night Tues I went to Movida for The Foo Fighters, Weezer, and Hot Hot Heat After-Party. Waited for the band to show till 1am. Couldn't wait so went to Cain because I heard John Legend was performing so I high tailed it over there and just missed his set. I was pissed. I heard he went over to Home nightclub next door. So I went and saw him and said hello. Very nicely shook my hand and my boyfriends hand. Also the next table over saw Jessica Alba with a whole entourage of men. Heard Alba left Cain because all her boys couldn't get in. And another table over saw the Sean Paul. Got tired of the commercial hip hop music at Home so went back to Movida where I just missed David Grohl but got to meet the boys from Hot Hot Heat.

I was getting on the elevator for work the other morning when Glenn Close and her young assistant (who incidentally looked like Blossom...from Blossom) hopped on the elevator with me. I must say, Glenn Close looks fantastic in person. She has beautiful radiant skin with rosy cheeks and didn't have a stitch of makeup on. She is quite petite and cute. I was really quite surprised at how great she looked....I suppose I am used to seeing her sort of frazzled and crazy in most of her films (boiled bunnies, anyone?) I couldn't think of anything brilliant to say to her ("hey, you're Glenn, man...") so I just gave her a sheepish "I know who you are" smile. She smiled warmly at me and got off on her floor. What a lovely woman.

Saw Piper Perabo in Loehmann's on Monday 10/10. She was wearing jeans and Uggs with her hair thrown on top of her head, looking adorable even on a day when looking adorable was almost impossible. We were both digging through jeans and I kind of hoped we'd end up at the checkout together so I could sneak a peak at her credit card and see if that is her real name. Alas, I must need discounted jeans more than her because she gave up on the nightmare of a clearance rack before me.

Ducked into X&O restaurant on walker street in chinatown to get out of the pouring rain on Saturday and 10 minutes later, Michael Imperioli came in and sat down at the table next to mine. he was followed by his blond wife and two young sons. A very cute, sweet family. they had noodles and spare ribs.

Around 4:30 PM on Sunday 10/9 after leaving Barney's on the UES (why else would you visit this neighborhood ?) I noticed a platinum blond walking with a small entourage. Low and behold it was Nicky Hilton along with Kevin Connolly. Going to Barney's perhaps? I overhead 'E' say someting to the effect of "love ya ma" in an almost Rhode Island sort of accent. I informed my girlfriend but she was rather unimpressed. Nicky's eyes are too close together giving her the chimp look and her hair looks very Jersey esque with respect to the color. 'E' was wearing a baseball hat - didn't notice the other people in the party.

On Monday afternoon, I took a break on a trans-Manhattan hike for noodles at Kelley & Ping on Greene and Houston. It was horribly busy and everyone in line was scoping the room, waiting for people to free up some tables. The seated people were all eating, except Ralph Fiennes, who was sitting by himself in the back area. For a while, I enjoyed the peculiarly Soho spectacle of mega-international-film-star-avoidance, as everyone was taking his painfully handsome presence for granted, but I got a little peeved when I realized he'd been sitting there for like half an hour after finishing his noodle bowl without freeing up his table. He was just sitting there, writing something with a pencil. Some middle-aged biddies in line sotto voced hints they wanted to say hi to him, which finally spooked him out. I couldn't decide whether this proves that people who lunch in Soho are nice enough to leave gorgeous film stars alone or whether people who lunch in Soho are all convinced they're more important than Ralph Fiennes anyway.

Spotted Scott Speedman today (10/12) walking down Broadway just like he was getting off from Dean and Deluca's heading over to Epstein's Bar. He was a total babe, walking in the rain with no umbrella flipping his gorgeous blond curls around. I got my stalk on and followed him for a few blocks until he ran through a light, probably to lose the crazy stalker girl who couldn't run through the light in the pouring rain with her heels.

I think I just saw Michael C. Hall (David Fisher on Six Feet Under) walking down Broadway near Worth Street. He looks much younger than he does on the show, and he's trying really hard to not look like a funeral director. He had a cap on, but I think I detected grown-out and highlighted locks underneath. He made eye contact with me and then seemed embarrassed when I did the double-take of recognition. Also, he's much cuter in person than I'd expected.

On 10/09, which would have been John Lennon's 65th birthday, I did my annual pilgrimage to Strawberry Fields for the usual 10-minute hang around with the great unwashed LennonHeads. Upon leaving the park and starting west on 72nd, I noticed a big black limo sitting outside the gates of The Dakota and about 10-15 (mostly Japanese) tourists just kind of milling about. I think they thought Yoko was going to be coming out, but it turned out to be arguably the SECOND most famous resident of the building, Lauren Bacall. She walked pretty steadily but I wouldn't call it a robust gate, dressed in a black blouse, black slacks, and white running shoes! She had a borderline stern look on her face. Nobody said anything to her, so I couldn't really judge how fan-friendly she would have been, but she certainly didn't look "in the mood" in case anyone did say anything to her....

Saw Julianne Moore on Hudson, pushing a child in a baby carriage. She looked gorgeous...I can only hope to look so good when I'm her age. This is the second time I've seen here around here in the past few months-she must live in the area.

Rupert Everett seen last Sunday at Hiro in the Maritime Hotel for their weekly flamers fete. Sitting in the VIP banquettes, he was looking hotter than hot in nothing more than a white tank top and biceps. I guess Boston Legal must be paying well because it looks like Madonna's BFF is eating again.

On last night's redeye 10/10 from LA to NY. Janice Dickinson talking loudly enough on her speaker cell phone for the entire first class cabin to hear how much she loves her personal trainer. She didn't look nearly as plastic like as on TV. Actually, looked good but suffered from a severe case of 'noassatal'. She looked like a tall Steven Tyler from behind. Also in first class, David Blaine with a really pretty girl. Homeboy is tall (6'2") with monster arms and a monster gut to match. Better get some cardio in that work-out because there is no way he can make that gut disappear without hitting the treadmill.

Went to Lotus on Sunday night and saw the gorgeous Taye Diggs chillin' at a table with several girls, and another guy even more beautiful than him (if that's possible.)

On Tuesday, in the 2 minutes I stayed at Bungalow 8 (warning: do not go to Bungalow 8 on Tuesdays!), saw Fabian Basabe salsa dancing with a beautiful tall (female) brunette. All the married men seemed to have behaved. No Jude Law sightings.

I saw Uma Thurman last night outside my apartment. 10/12. I was coming home and I noticed her from half a block away because of how tall and unbelievably gorgeous she is. Was with her boyfriend who looked older/not as cute in person.

Just passed Willie Nelson on 55th St and 6th Avenue, dressed all in black, with his braids stuffed into the chunky sweatshirt he was wearing over surprisingly saggy jeans. Is that how he attempts to go incognito? I guess it works, because I was the only person who turned to gawk at him on a crowded corner. He was smiling and laughing with two older women also in schlumpy black denim. All of them looked like their fashion sense stalled out in the 80s.

Okay not sure if these two sightings are even worth mentioning, but in my love of the B-rate celebs they matter to me. Saw Ty Pennington in Soho outside What Goes Around Comes Around. Was with a girl, which my boyfriend said must be his wife (I always thought he was gay, but whatever). He is kind of wrinkled and tanned, but in that hot Robert Redford way. Then a few hours later almost ran over Veronica Webb while shopping. She is still a supermodel in every term of the word. She wasn t wearing make-up and had a cap concealing undone hair, but was still amazing. She is taller than 6ft with heels and was carrying the new 2-5-5 Chanel bag, worth about 10K. She seemed very nice as she ran into an old friend on the street and asked him to join in the rest of her day. Sorry no Lohan was harmed in this stalking.

I just saw Rosie O'Donnell on 26th & Madison, smoking a cigarette and looking haggard.

So, last night I was walking through the playground in my Long Island City neighborhood and noticed a guy sitting on a bench with really long hair in a braid. After some major stalking, I confirmed that he was Michael Schoeffling aka Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles. He was just sitting there eating a sandwich. I know that 20 years have passed since that movie and it was dark, but he is still looking fine. He can even pull off the long braid. Anyway, I'm positive it was him because I also saw him six years ago when he came to fix a window at this Upper East Side bookstore where I used to work. I guess that he is some sort of woodworker. The weird thing was that the same day he fixed this window, I also saw him that night driving a red pickup truck in Greenpoint.

Trey Anastasio (ex-phrontman of Phish) is playing in the VH1 lobby right now. if I were still a patchouli-wearing 16-year-old wannabe hippie, I'd be both astonished (he's mainstream enough to play at VH1?) and disgusted (he's mainstream enough to play at VH1!) but seeing as his noodly-ness nauseates me, I kinda wish he'd phuck off.

Was at the Historical Society Saturday (10/8) taking in the "Slavery in New York Show", escaping the torrential rain with every other history nerd in the city. Waiting for my boyfriend outside the exhibit, saw the cutest little blond girl running around. Who should walk past me to scoop her up but Anthony Edwards. He looks exactly like he did on ER and seemed to be having a good time with his wife and daughter. No one else seemed to recognize him, but then again, perhaps stalking at a slavery exhibit is inappropriate. Regardless, he is clearly an awesome dad.

Also saw Robert Verdi (bald fashion policeman on E!) in Brooklyn Heights last Sunday. Very much looking around at every person who walked within 10 ft less a paranoid thing, more a needy star thing.