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It would seem New York mag's biggest fans now reside well outside its target demographic.

No, silly, we don't mean to suggest that the magazine appeals to nonwhite people, or — even worse — the poor, but rather to people who are entirely geographically inappropriate.

New York, it seems, is huge in London.

Or, at least, it's very popular in the offices of The Guardian, which, fresh from stealing New York's Look Book last month and rebranding it "Style," has now launched a "News Matrix," which bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain deliberately oversimplified guide that we find lowbrow but mildly brilliant.

We imagine The Guardian is casting for a Kris Smythe and Curt Anderson right about now — come to think of it, "Imperial City" could be a great name for a London column, too, assuming "Erstwhile" is prepended.

One favor we'd like to ask the Guardians, though: Rather than ripping off Amy Sohn, could you just take her?

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