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While we've been nothing but supportive of supermodel Kate Moss's highly publicized cocaine habit, we might have to step back for a moment and deliver some heavy-handed criticism to our girl. Yesterday, it was reported that Moss's on-and-off junky boyfriend Pete Doherty was planning to visit Moss at the Meadows rehab center in Arizona — and while we thought it wasn't perhaps the best idea for a heroin addict to go visit Moss during this delicate time, we certainly had to admire homeboy's dedication.

Today, it's been announced that Moss has "barred" Doherty from seeing her in rehab. Sure, she's got a right to deny visitors as she pleases, but if she shuts out Doherty this early in the game, what'll happen next? The pair will finally end their romance, Doherty will eventually stick a needle in his eye, the saga will end, cubicle bees everywhere will die of boredom, and the economy will tank once and for all.

Do the right thing, Kate. You've already made some serious mistakes; but it's not too late. Try not to kill the American psyche.

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