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7-Eleven continues its invasion of Manhattan, now plotting a second outpost at 84th Street and York Avenue. While our fascination with the macabre had us slightly atwitter over the first 7-Eleven, located at 23rd and Park, it seems that 7-11-2 is being greeted with less fascination and certainly no enthusiasm. Snippy neighborhood residents posted fliers protesting the forthcoming convenience barbarity, and huffy old ladies are speaking out:

"I've never had a Slurpee, but I can see those Slurpee containers in the street," fumed Judith Cutler, who lives on York Avenue. "I'm concerned about the transients... [in] the neighborhood."

Yes, those pesky transients, picking pockets and turning tricks just for a quick Brain Freeze fix. Can you not taste the forthcoming horror of dozens of jerky-addled customers, hungry for nothing more than lottery tickets and snacks?

UPDATE: Apparently this is the third 7-Eleven going in. A reader writes, "There's already a 7-11 up here on 3rd ave in the 80s, and it is the best thing to happen to this perpetually hungover yuppie in... days. I'd be seriously pissed if I had to drag ass all the way over to york avenue for a restorative slurpee."

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