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With two stories hitting the wire this morning, the Potentially Dangerous Levels of Mercury in Seafood becomes the Instantly Hot Celebrity Cause. From the AP:

Appearing for the environmental group Oceana on Wednesday, [Ted] Danson and [Amber] Valletta also praised national food chain Wild Oats Market, saying it was the first in the country to voluntarily warn consumers about the risks of mercury in seafood. They told a news conference outside a Wild Oats store they hoped to raise awareness about the dangers of mercury. "Most people don't know about it. It's not spoken about on TV, it's not in newspapers, it's not posted in shopping markets," Valletta said. "My mom didn't know. My friends — I'll go to dinner and they won't know."

From ABC News:

Mercury poisoning can also affect your cognitive functioning, and [Daphne] Zuniga, 43, found that she was unable to remember her lines — even if she had learned them the night before. "I had crying spells, low-grade depression, loss of memory, and brain fog, which is where I would be talking to you and I would get disoriented," she said.

With Becker, that model, and Jo from Melrose Place on board, mercury's never going to know what hit it.