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· In a dramatic move that nonetheless fails to inspire us to care much about the story, SAG's new leadership fires its national executive director. [Variety]
· Generously disregarding the last decade of his career, Al Pacino's acting peers met at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to praise him and present him with the 2005 American Cinematheque Award. [THR]
· Disney becomes the first (and only) studio to embrace the magical anti-piracy DVD players offered free to Academy members. No worries if you've already sold yours for a ten-spot at a yard sale—Disney probably doesn't have any real Oscar contenders, anyway. [Variety]
· Mark-Paul "I Will Always Be Zach Morris To An Entire Generation Of TV Viewers, No Matter How Many Serious Dramas I Do" Gosselaar will join the cast of Commander in Chief. Look for The West Wing to hire Lisa Turtle as a sassy presidential aide in retaliation. (Come on, a Screech joke would've been twice as hacky.) [THR]
· A bloodcurdling "Bitch, no you di'int!" echoes through superflack Pat Kingsley's office as rival Leslee Dart steals away a cherished PMK publicist for her fledgling Dart Group. Slapping of grills and yanking of weaves to follow. [Variety]