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Finally complying with an FCC regulation mandating that an Adam Carolla show be available at any given moment of the day across a variety of broadcast media, Infinity Broadcasting announced that the Loveline/Too Late With Adam Carolla/The Adam Carolla Project/10 Minute Budget Gourmet Recipes With Rachel Ray (Featuring Adam Carolla) host will fill Howard Stern's morning talk show slot here in Los Angeles. Sadly, however, something has to give, and we're told that Hollywood's Hardest Working Man (in number of jobs, not effort, if you've ever seen the Comedy Central show) will announce that he's leaving Loveline on tonight's show. Tune in this evening to hear Carolla break the hearts of Dr. Drew and a nation of giggling 12 year-olds pretending to have chlamydia long enough to give a shout-out to the rest of their friends at the rainbow party. It's sure to be a poignant goodbye.