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Favorite 4 Times Square Mole reports this morning that Conde Nast's management might well have achieved its real goal: Not so much ridding the company of Andrew Krucoff as scaring the bejesus out of its remaining employees. F4TSM emails:

lots of talk at work today about krucoff — at least among certain folks known to forward things to gawker. it does seem like the conde highers-up have successfully instilled a certain degree of fear into would-be leakers, or at least enough so as to get them chattering about it. the question of the day, though, is whether the means exist to monitor things like gmail. my guess is no, but i'm no scientist. nobody wants to get fired, though; the indignity of being led out of the tower by a human resources person and deposited on the sidewalk like some "apprentice" contestant is unpleasant to contemplate.

So let's block that contemplation, if we can. Who's a scientist out there? Who knows what sort of monitoring Conde is likely to employ? Even better, who's a mole within Conde IT and knows what sort of monitoring they employ? Comment if you're a commenter; email us if you're not:

And, dear God, please please please help us determine that they can't — or, at least, don't — track Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail usage. Because otherwise we're fucked.

UPDATE: Of course the day we write, "Hey, let us know in Comments what you think," is the day Comments breaks. Summary of the many responses coming soon. [Comments are fixed. Rejoice.]

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