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Yes, it was only a matter of time, pardon the pun, before someone launched a fun, old-fashioned Olsen twins-style 18th birthday countdown clock for Hollywood golden cherub Dakota Fanning. The outfit she has on seems ripe for the ripping, but we'll leave that to the Fugly Girls*. Besides, she is just 11 years old! Criticizing her personal style could give the poor girl a complex, and besides, it's just in bad taste.

* A helpful reader has pointed us to this post from the Fug girls, fugging the very same outfit. Have you no shame, ladies? Oh, right. You don't. Neither do we. Moving on!
**Another reader points out that they are actually two different outfits, noting the lack of bloomers in the first. Porcelain Victorian dollwear can get so confusing, can't it? By the way, with God as Our Witness, this is the very last update on the subject of Dakotawear today. A wayward pod of alien fashion stylists could crash land and give her a whole new aluminum foil look and we wouldn't cover it. Subject. Ovah.