Gawker Store: Dress You Family in Corduroy and Gawker T-Shirts

Hey. Have we told you how great you've been looking lately? That South Beach thing is definitely working out for you, and the new haircut is perfect. Oh, and we love those jeans — worn in just right. But here's the thing: Those t-shirts? Yeah, they gotta go. We know you think they're cute and funny and all vintagey, but, trust us, nobody thinks it's funny you may or may not have gotten lucky in some Appalachian state. But, don't worry, it's easy to fix this. Gawker Media is selling some brand-new t-shirts. All their old favorites are available, plus more are on the way. How'd they come up with the new ones? Readers — clearly the smartest, cleverest, most attractive people we know — voted on which slogans were their favorites, and then the Gawker folks printed them up on cute, sweatshop-free American Apparel shirts.

Oh, you like them so much you want more? Cool. You can help pick the next batch of slogans — go vote on which slogans from the new batch are your favorites, and they'll be ready to go soon.

But trust us: You'll be so much cooler in one of these.


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