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Let's face facts, Angelenos: we live in a solipsistic bubble. Mention Broadway, we think Chinatown. Refer to ivy, we think patio dining. And drop the name Ari in a local crowd and see if anyone blinks. Who else could you be talking about but Ari Emanuel, eco-friendly Endeavor overlord and now high-profile blogger with a stubbornly persistent case of the crabbies?

But therein lies the rub. His Huffington Post blog, now unofficially titled Ari's Frustration of the Day (content vague, Bush-related, irrelevant), has caused more than a bit of confusion on the very un-LA-centric HuffPo posting boards. It would seem, stunningly, that there are indeed other Aris on this planet:

Ari. I think it's good of you to bring us a frustration of the day, but I can't help but think of the former White House Press Secretary whenever I read the title, scrolling down the blog page. I don't care about his frustrations! I think he sort of deserves to be frustrated. I keep defaulting to the notion you are reporting on him. Maybe I'm the only one who's brain keeps going here, but I can't help but think more people would stop for a look if you used your last name for these pieces. Posted by: donna

I agree the title: "Ari's .." etc. also causes me to think of Ari Fleischer. Posted by: AD

Frankly, we're still scratching our heads at what it is these banjo strumming seat-fillers are going on about. Ari Fleischer? Who the fuck's he? Never heard of him.