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We sometimes wonder: what, exactly, does one have to say to no longer be welcome on our television sets? Especially before we've had our coffee?

Case in point: Matt Lauer sat down this morning with the lovely Ann Coulter, pundit and frothing McCarthyite, for a friendly chat on the Today Show. This would be the same Ann Coulter who, in her classic tome Slander, had this to say about Katie Couric:

The affable Eva Braun of morning TV authoritatively informed President George Bush (41) that the Republican National Convention had "relinquished too much time to what some term the radical religious right."

So — call the hostess a Nazi, come on back for breakfast with the host. As an emailer puts it, "are they trying to piss Katie off enough that she'll take her stiletto heals and walk out?"

If they can find a few more exes to book, we'll believe it.

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