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Sure, Conde Nast might have successfully scared all its minions into submission with Monday's cursory dismissal of Gawker mascot and Times-certified First Amendment hero Andrew Krucoff. But is that victory turning Pyrrhic? What really matters to the mag empire is selling copies, and we hear the brouhaha is costing Si's subscriptions, especially in the coveted Anne Arundel County, Maryland, demographic:

From: Krucoff's Mom
To: Krucoff
Subject: W and Vogue
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 10:19:50 -0400

I just cancelled my subscriptions — when asked why I truthfully answered W is too large, Vogue too heavy and totally irrelevant, and I wasn't too thrilled with the Conde Nast organization. Now I get some money back — I'll buy a few of the Krucoff buttons!

Krucoff's mom is right, of course. (Then again, when isn't a Jewish mother?) W really is too big, and Vogue really is too heavy. And none of us is too thrilled with the organization.

So: Support Krucoff! Cancel your subscriptions!

Or at least just send us some memos.

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